We are a group of sports-minded individuals keen in promoting airsports through events with the primary objective of growing a bigger following of the sport in the Philippines.

What We Do

Experience a different kind of adventure.

  • Paragliding

    Is one of the closest experience of flying like a bird. A paraglider is the equipment used for free-flying that is small enough to fit in the back of your car, light enough to carry in a rucksack yet with the performance to keep you in the air for hours.

  • Powered Paragliding

    Also refered to as Paramotor is an ultimate fun experience combining the sport of paragliding and a backpack propeller machine that you can enjoy flying starting from a flat ground with your friends during sunrise or sunset.

  • Speed Flying

    The newest branch of the sport of Paragliding. Speed flyers use small ram air canopies that are smaller, simpler versions of paragliders. Speed Flying Wings are highly stable and easy to use, although they do fly faster than normal paragliders. Speed flying wings can be foot launched like a normal paraglider, or launched with skis on snow.

  • Tandem Paragliding

    Go paragliding with an tandem pilot using a wing designed to fly 2 people. The starting point of anyone who is curious about paragliding works without the required skills. You only need to book a slot in a local flying spot and enjoy the feeling of being in the air for a few minuites.

  • Power Kiting

    A large version kite designed to provide a significant pull to the user. They come in foils or leading edge inflatables used with landboards and kite surf boards. Size of kites are dependent in wind conditions and skill level of kiter. Involves a lot of fun when you can combine the kite flying and riding on something.

  • Kiteboarding


  • National Paragliding Fun Fly/Costume flying event

    Sarangani is considerd to be the paragliding capital in the Philippines.


The organisations that helps us provide you with the best experience.