Who We Are.

ASAP. We are a group of sports-minded individuals keen in promoting air sports through events and exhibitions with the primary objective of growing a bigger following of the sport in the Philippines.

About Us

Air Sports Adventure Philippines (ASAP) promotes paragliding, speedflying, power kiting and paramotoring. Considered to be a new breed of sports, we provide information, training, retail, air show exhibition and club development in the sport of flying. Paragliding is our specialty, supplying our customers with quality gear and equipment. Established in 2005, our aim is to fulfill all your needs and inquiries regarding air sports in the Philippines.

ASAP is based in Manila, Philippines, with affiliations located in Daet, Bicol and Sarangani province. We are constantly in motion to explore new flysites and to discover potential playground for air sports.

We only work with the best athletes worldwide and a highly-skilled team of professional paragliding pilots, honed by many years of experience. Our instructor form the Paragliding  National Team. The team took part in the SEA Games 2011 in Jakarta.

Safety is our main priority. We are committed in complying to safety standards by using well-maintained paragliding and kiting equipment of the latest technology. This helps boost the confidence of our customers by making their dreams of flying a reality.

If this is the sport for you…

Feel, Relax and Experience the Elements--that is our motto. And we always accept the challenge to make it happen… Flying like a bird and appreciating the beauty of nature seen from a different perspective--from the Air.

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The Ozone Team in the Philippines

enter image description here Buko Raymundo

Airsports Specialist/ Instructor (USHPA member) Paramotor and Tandem Pilot/ IKO Kitesurfer and foil kite landboarder

Buko's passion for free-flying has become his life's work, promoting safety in paragliding and other aerial sports by providing certification courses through the Philippine Association of Paragliders & Instructors-PAPI. His authority comes from being one of the few individuals skilled in diverse air sports disciplines including Paragliding, Paramotoring, Kiteboarding and Speedflying.
His international sporting license and fellowship with pilots in different regions of the world, have taken him to soar from Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, the highest peak in South East Asia. He has also participated in the Oludeniz Air Games in Turkey and and the Cross Country and Tandem Flying in Nepal.

2014, he was one of the Philippine’s delegates to the Asian Beach Games in Phuket, Thailand.

In 2008, he founded the South East Asian Paragliding Association (SEAPA), along with other pilots from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The association - after his winning the gold medal in the SEA GAMES test event in Jakarta, Indonesia - gave him the title “Chief of Paragliding in the Philippines.” His local explorations have been phenomenal as well. By conquering the 3-day trek of Mt. Apo, he became the first ever paragliding pilot to take off from the highest peak in the Philippines, in which, he covered a cross country distance of 15kms in a total 20 minute flight. He recently went on a solo flight exploration of Mayon Volcano, in Legaspi City.

Throughout his career, he has encouraged the development and recognition of fly-sites in the Philippines, and brings awareness through events collaboration. He was the producer behind DROPZONE 1 and DROPZONE 2- Base Jumping Exhibitions, in 2008 and 2010; both events featured the exhilarating, air sports ambassadors, the Ozone Team. He also initiated the Daet Free-Fly competition in early 2014, and involves fellow paragliders in the Annual Daet Aero Show. He has been an active volunteer of the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for 8 consecutive years as Paragliding Event Director.


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